Willapa Heritage Foundation Annual Community Artist Grant 2019

The Willapa Heritage Foundation’s principal purposes are: to provide services to local artists and support the arts in the Willapa Bay area, to promote diverse cultural and artistic enrichment programs and opportunities, and to coordinate community participation-children and adults-as providers and recipients.

The Foundation will award artists working on their art to sell (not exclusively) or exhibit (not exclusively) in the community. The Foundation will award $1500 to five artists annually who meet the criteria of the grant and are willing to complete the community service stipulation. The community service will contribute to the arts in the community, either through education or by supporting the Foundation’s activities that create opportunities for the arts to be appreciated by the community.

For this grant, art will not be limited to fine art. Any art is eligible to receive the grant such as but not limited to performing art, sculpture, jewelry, music, photography, etc.

Applications must be received by October 31.

Grant Criteria

1. Applicant must be able to prove WA residency for a minimum of six months and be a minimum of 18 years of age.

2. Applicant must be able to prove themselves an active artist through one of the following methods:

a. Social media pictures of an art show.

b. Business or portfolio website.

c. Proof of teaching an art class to the community.

d. Art studio information.

e. Social media pictures of artist and art (cannot be within the last week of application submission).

3. Half of the grant money will be awarded for the first six months then the remainder the final six months. Grant recipients will be required to commit to five hours of service to WHF for the first six months at the time the grant is awarded.

4. Display a finished project you created using the grant money at the end of the 12 months.

5. Artists authorize WHF to use the finished project for promotional purposes, with ownership retained by the artist. 

Community Service Requirements: 

To be considered in good standing, recipients must provide the board with proof of attendance at any WHF service commitment within two days after the event.  Take pictures at all WHF service events you are involved in (at least one with you in the picture) for use as proof of attendance and for publicity purposes.

Please apply using the following form, or print WHF community artist grant application form and submit by mail to:

Willapa Heritage Foundation

PO Box 401 South Bend, WA 98586

ATTN: Grant Committee

Grant Application

Art Business Details

(Fill out only if you have an art business; if you do not then skip this portion of the application.)

Artist Details

(Fill out even if you have a business.)
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